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代写essay案例-The Nevada Canyon Gold Corp

文章类型:essay 发布时间:2020-03-23

内华达州峡谷黄金公司是一家年轻的公司,成立于2014年,总部位于内华达州里诺。他们为新兴企业提供沟通和营销服务,管理咨询服务。然而,在2015年,他们通过收购内华达州的所有峡谷金矿公司将其任务重心转移到了矿物勘探上,并与加拿大公司Walker River Resource Group成立了合资企业。它仍在探索过程中,寻求更多的合作伙伴关系并建立其在市场中的地位。
The Nevada Canyon Gold Corp is a young company that was founded in 2014 and it is headquartered in Reno, Nevada. They provide communication and marketing service, management consulting service to star-up companies. However, in 2015, they shifted their mission to mineral exploration by acquiring all canyon gold corporations in Nevada and formed a joint venture with Walker River Resource Group, a Canada based company. It is still during its exploration process, looking for more partnerships and establishing its presence in the market.
Based on the company’s 10-K filing of the fiscal year 2018, they have a total asset of $2,884 and a net income of a negative $817,935 (loss). According to their note on the negative revenue, they commented that they are aware of the loss of money. They are not making much revenue because they are still in the exploration and expansion stage of their business. And they are expecting to see a huge decrease in their operating expense in the foreseeable future, which should make the company more profitable.

Return on Asset (ROA) calculates how much profit a company makes based on how much asset it has. It is a good indicator of how well the company make sure of its asset and how much profits it brings in. Dividing the company’s net income by its total asset gives the ROA. The ROA of the Nevada Canyon Gold Group in fiscal year 2018 is -283.61. In fiscal year 2017, the company has a net income of $1,186,144 and an asset of $11,230, which will give an ROA of 137.52. In fiscal year of 2016, the company has a net income of negative $297,428 and asset of $66,797, which gives an ROA of -4.45. In this case, the company has a negative ROA in 2016 and 2018, due to its negative net income in the first place. ROA by itself will not reveal a big picture of the company unless you compare it with other companies in the same industry or the industry average. It is not unnormal for a company to have a negative ROA. For the company the Nevada Canyon Gold Corp, who is in the consulting service, it is normal for them to have a relatively low value on assets compared to other retail company, who tend to have a higher asset value because of their product in stock. Though, the company has been earning a negative balance in two out of three years in a row, it definitely shows that the company is not doing well financially.

在2018财年,该公司报告称未进行投资会影响其现金流,因此CFFI为0。该公司从其董事处获得了10,000美元的无息投资,并从第三者那里获得了15,064美元。派对。同时,公司首席执行官还向公司捐款$ 5,000。这样,2018年的CFFF为30,064美元。 2018年的CFFO为415,651美元。
The debt-to-equity ratio is an indicator to see how dependent the business is operating on debt and the ability of the company to pay back its debt if it goes down. The debt-to-equity ratio is calculated by diving the total liability by the shareholder’s equity. After calculation, the debt-to-equity of the company is 4.15 (2016), 1.27 (2017) and 1.21 (2018). The debt-to-equity ratio is mostly used to examine the leverage a company has financially. A high debt-to-equity ratio suggests that the company is financing its business by aggressively borrowing debts, which also would incur more risk. Here, the company is doing a pretty good job and the risk low by keeping the ratio low.
In the fiscal year of 2018, the company reported as not having an investment coming in that would affect their cash flow, so the CFFI is 0. The company received $10,000 in non-interest-bearing investment from its directors and $15,064 from a third-party. At the same time, the CEO of the company also contribution $5,000 to the company. In this way, the CFFF of 2018 is $30,064. The CFFO of 2018 is $415,651.
In conclusion, looking form the 10-K of the past three years from 2016 to 2018, the Nevada Canyon Gold Corp has quite a few problems within its operation. The initial expansion is not bringing in many profits for the company and it looks like most of their investments are directly from their directors and CEO. As of December 31, 2018, they reported a working capital deficit of $1,116,812 on their financial sheet and issued a concern that the money is not sufficient for the daily and long-term operation of the business. They are actively looking for new finance options now.  
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