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托谱北美网课代修-essay写作案例-What Branding Looks Like Today

文章类型:essay 发布时间:2019-07-26

The definition of Branding includes a name and the image by advertising and marketing. A brand must establish a group of loyal consumers. Therefore, a good branding should have two basic elements which are good advertising and good marketing. 

      媒体是一个非常重要的广告工具。在现代生活中,互联网无处不在。如果人们是消费者,他们中的大多数人每天都会触摸互联网设备。在OMMA 2016年入围决赛中,VOCO Creative以OMMA命名。 VOCO用Earth Balance创建一个活动,以向素食主义者展示美味的食物图片。在互联网上,这些图片得到了很多关注。文章MEDIA 2015陈述:“有两个核心频谱 - 注意和访问。”(第4页)因此,良好的品牌必须更加关注社交媒体环境并准确定位消费者。 VOCO使用照片为素食主义者提供有吸引力的食物。消费者可以分为四类:Tons of Twitters,门户网站,媒体自助餐和传统新媒体。 (Media 2015)作为品牌建设者,他们所属的消费者会影响品牌建设者有效使用它的策略。素食主义者属于我的门户,因为他们不接受食品领域的所有信息。他们不吃肉,所以他们知道数据的价值(p6,MEDIA 2015)品牌建设者在使用Media作为广告工具之前必须了解他们的消费者。媒体在广告阶段变得越来越重要。汉堡王使用了一种名为Subservient Chicken的网络游戏。在那之后,大量的消费者进入了汉堡王。毫无疑问,如果公司能够准确地分析消费者,媒体可以启发消费者。它的召唤和影响力超乎想象。
Media is a very important tool of advertising. In modern life, Internet is everywhere. If people are consumers, most of them will touch the devices of internet every day. In OMMA award finalists in 2016, the VOCO Creative is named by OMMA. VOCO create a campaign with Earth Balance in order to show vegans delicious food pictures. And in the internet, these pictures got lots of attention. The article MEDIA 2015states: “there are two core spectrums- Attention and Access.” (p4) So a good Branding must pay more attention to the social media environment and located the consumers accurately. VOCO used the pictures for vegans with attractive foods. And the consumers can be divided into four categories: Tons of Twitters, portal of me, media buffet and traditional new media. (Media 2015) As branding builder, which kinds of consumers they are belong to influences the strategies which the branding builder uses it effectively. Vegans belong to portal of me, because they don’t accept all information in food field. They don’t eat meat, so they know the value of data (p6, MEDIA 2015) The branding builder must knowing their consumers well before he or she use Media as an advertising tool. Media becomes more and more important position in advertising stage. Burger King used an Internet game which was called Subservient Chicken. After that, large numbers of consumer went into Burger King. There is no doubt that Media can enlighten consumers if the companies can analysis the consumer accurately. Its power of calling and influence beyond imagination. 

      另一方面,良好的营销是品牌塑造的另一个基本因素。如何成为优秀的营销人员变得越来越重要。具有意义的营销是营销中的先进概念。从文章中,有意义的营销可以为您做什么,具有意义的营销是通过三种方式满足消费者的需求,包括解决方案,联系和满意度。在You Tube,电视剧“疯狂的男人”中,商人通过用PPT展示他家人的照片来销售他的产品。当消费者看到图片中的细节时,他们被男人感动了。有一个很好的例子来自门廊,保时捷聘请的摄影师在每个房子里用保时捷在富人区拍照,公司将照片发送给每个房主。当车主用他们自己的房子和保时捷汽车收到照片时,他们会想象如果汽车属于他们的话。消费者从这种营销中得到的是对情感和认同感的满足。一个好的标记从不会促使消费者购买或接受,而是邀请。 2016年OMMA在动画片中的决赛入围者之一是Clorox的AOL,他为夏季休闲小怪兽制作了A父母的野外指南。这是一个有意义的良好营销,它帮助父母探索儿童的想象力和创造力,并减轻父母的压力。这个动画电话父母加入并放松。良好的品牌塑造使消费者接受产品。具有意义的营销应该挖掘品牌的背后含义。就像关于保时捷的广告一样,在这个广告中,保时捷使用奶头驱动器来解释保时捷911和991的含义更快,更舒适,更高品质。
   On the other hand, a good marketing is another fundamental factor of branding. And how to be good marketers is becoming more and more important. Marketing with meaning is an advanced concept in marketing. From the article what marketing with meaning can do for you, the marketing with meaning is to meet consumers’ needs in three ways which include solutions, connection and satisfaction. In the You Tube, the TV drama Mad Man, the business men sold his products by showing his family’s picture with PPT. When the consumers saw the details from the pictures, they were moved by the man. There is an excellent example from porches, Porsche hired photographer to take pictures at the every house with a Porsche in Rich Area, and the company sent the picture to every house owner. When the owner received the picture with their own house and a Porsche car, they will image what if the car belongs to them. What the consumers got from this marketing is to get satisfaction with emotion and sense of identity. A good marker never pushes the consumers to buy or accept, but inviting. One of the OMMA award finalist in2016 in Animation is AOL for Clorox who made A parent’s Field Guide to The Little Monsters Of Summer Break. This is a good marketing with meaning, it helps parents explore imagination and creativity from children and ease the parents’ pressure. This animation call parents join in and relax. A good branding makes the consumers accept the products. The marketing with meaning should dig the behind meaning of the branding. Like the advertising about Porsche, in this advertising, Porsche use a teat driver to explain the Porsche 911 and 991 the meaning which is faster, more comfortable and higher quality. 

      具有意义的营销为消费者提供了改善品牌意义的解决方当大多数女性变老并失去自尊时,Dove并没有继续探索肥皂的质量,而是赋予她们的产品意义。 Dove的含义是通过使用他们的产品来提高女性的自信心。 Dove的营销目标是解释女性美的解决方案。在此之后,Dove的销售迅速增长。因此,品牌塑造的背后意义应该为消费者提供解决问题的解决方案。品牌还需要与消费者建立联系。当品牌形成时,公司必须在业务中保持地位。耐克是一个很好的例子,可以保护他们与Apple或iPod的联系。每个人都喜欢健康,Nike +可以通过监督运动状态来连接电子设备来推动人们做更多的运动。
Marketing with meaning gives consumers solution to improve the brand meaning. When the most women get older and losing self-esteem, Dove didn’t continue to explore soaps quality, but give their products meaning. The meaning of Dove is improving the women confidence by using their products. The aim of marketing of Dove is a solution of explaining the beauty of women. After that, Dove’s selling is increasing rapidly. So the behind meaning of branding should give their consumers a solution to solve their problem what they face. A brand also needs to connect to their consumers. When the brand formed, the company must sustain the position in the business necessarily. Nike is a good example of guard their brand of connection with Apple or iPod. Everyone likes to be health, Nike+ can link to the electrical device to push people do more exercise by supervising exercise condition.  

From the discussion above, modern branding is not just a brand anymore. It is a dynamic concept which includes the behind meaning of consumers and the company’s design principle with all kinds of advertising and marketing. Today,branding not only includes the high quality and name, but also the marketing methods and the concept that consumer think of when they hear this brand.

      作为这个社会的媒体消费者,我属于“我的门户”。 虽然我总是在线,但我专注于隐私和信息。 我喜欢积极参与,但我只想参加我喜欢的活动。
 As a media consumer in this society, I belong to “portal of me”. Though I am always online, but I focus on privacy and information I get. I like to participate actively, but